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Teaching in Taiwan 2016-2017

The Ministry of Education in the Republic of China (Taiwan) is offering experienced and newly licensed teachers an opportunity to teach English in Taiwanese elementary and junior high schools for one academic year. If you enjoy teaching young children and would like to learn more about Taiwan and its culture, you may find this an excellent opportunity.

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Taiwan is a very beautiful island, so-called Formosa. The territory of Taiwan (Republic of China) is including Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu. Although it is a small island group, there are rich natural landscape and cultural recourses in Taiwan. Applicants with bachelor’s or higher degrees and teaching licenses are eligible to apply. Benefits for teachers include subsidy of round-trip airfare, housing stipends, overtime pay, insurance, and monthly salary based on their educational background and teaching experiences. The intangible benefits to teachers include intimate exposure to the rich heritage and natural beauty of Taiwan as well as to the world-renowned cuisine and local delicacies.

Taiwan lies on the western edge of the Pacific "rim of fire," and continuous tectonic movements have created majestic peaks, rolling hills and plains, basins, coastlines, and other natural landscapes. Taiwan's tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate climates provide clear differentiation between the different seasons. There are rare or endangered species of wildlife on the island. Among these are the land-locked salmon, Taiwan serow, Formosan rock monkey, Formosan black bear, blue magpie, Mikado pheasant, and Hsuehshan grass lizard.

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